My recent posts have told the story of the descendants of Joseph Greene, a goldsmith in early eighteenth-century London, and his wife Mary Byne: they were my 7 x great grandparents. It might be useful to summarise the key events in their lives, and the lives of their direct descendants, down to the death of their granddaughter and my 5 x great grandmother Elizabeth Holdsworth.

1677 Birth of Joseph Greene

1683 Birth of Mary Byne

1685 Accession of King James II

1686 Death of Captain William Greene, father of Joseph

1688 William of Orange deposes King James II

1689 Death of John Byne, father of Mary

1699 Birth of John Gibson

1701 Joseph Greene marries Mary Byne

1702 Accession of Queen Anne

1710 Birth of Mary Greene

1714 Accession of George I

1727 Accession of George II

1729 Mary Greene marries John Gibson

1733 Birth of Elizabeth Gibson

1737 Death of Joseph Greene

1745 Jacobite uprising

1753 Elizabeth Gibson marries John Collins

1760 Accession of George III

1763 Death of John Gibson

Elizabeth Collins née Gibson marries Joseph Holdsworth

1776 American Declaration of Independence

1790 Death of Mary Gibson

1795  Regency era

Death of Joseph Holdsworth

1809 Death of Elizabeth Holdsworth, formerly Collins, née Gibson