Now that we’ve reached the end of our exploration of the Boulton family of Worcestershire and London, I thought it might be useful to provide a chronological summary of key events in their history:

1660              (?) William Boulton marries Alice Forrest 

1661               (?) Birth of Margaret (?), daughter of William and Alice Boulton

1663               (?) Birth of Mary, daughter of William and Alice Boulton

1665               Birth of Peter, son of William and Alice Boulton

1666               William Boulton paying tax in Chitterling Alley

1667               (?) Birth of Elizabeth, daughter of William and Alice Boulton

1668               Birth of Thomas, son of William and Alice Boulton

1669               Birth of Richard, son of William and Alice Boulton 


1680              (?) Margaret (?) Boulton marries Thomas Saunders

1684               Birth of William Saunders

1688               (?) Birth of Hester Saunders

1686               Elizabeth Boulton marries John Littleton


1691               Peter Boulton marries Elizabeth Bushell of Fladbury

1692               (?) Birth of Alice, daughter of Peter and Elizabeth Boulton

1693               Thomas Boulton marries Bridget Nutting

1694               Elizabeth Littleton née Boulton marries Martin Markland

1697               Birth of Peter, son Martin and Elizabeth Markland

1698               William Forrest of Badsey makes his will

1699               Peter Boulton marries Posthuma Landick at Bath Abbey

1700              Death of William Forrest of Badsey

1701               Birth of Alice, daughter of Martin and Elizabeth Markland

1703               Birth of Richard, son of Thomas and Bridget Boulton

1706               (?) Grace Saunders marries James Jemblin

1707               Birth of John, son of James and Grace Jemblin

1708               Hester Saunders marries Thomas Crabb

1709               Birth of Henry, son of Thomas and Hester Crabb

1710              (?) Death of Grace Jemblin née Saunders

1711               James Jemblin marries Mary Yates

1717               Death of Martin Markland

1718               Richard Boulton the elder director of East India Company

1720              (?) Alice, daughter of Peter Boulton, marries Richard Gosfriight

1721               (?) Birth of Mary, daughter of Richard and Alice Gosfright

1725               Alice Markland marries William Bigglestone

1728               (?) Death of Alice Gosfright née Boulton


1737               Death of Richard Boulton the elder at Crutched Friars, London

1740              Richard Boulton the younger makes his will

1743               Death of Peter Boulton in Bath

1745               Death of Richard Boulton the younger